Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dream Board- Matilda

Matilda dream board .....
1. Pink Bay Trees Dolls House (Alex & Alexa)
2. Steiff Teddy Bear (
3. Wooden Chess Set (
4. Alice In Wonderland Book (Waterstones)
5. Brooklyn Blonde Doll (Teddy Bear Friends)
6. Silver Cross Oberon Dolls Pram (Very)
7. Skipping Rope (Filore Gifts)
8. Stars & Moon Cradle ( Filore Gifts)
9. Personalised Music Box (Great Little Tradng Company)
10. Rocking Horse (Mamas & Papas)

Santa is unable to guarantee availability on items in stock and is not recommending companies to purchase from, this board is to be used solely for ideas. There are many companies who offer these products at differing prices so shop around for the best price possible.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fantastic fun...Elves and I are members :)

Woodland trust nature detectives

This site is so much fun my chief Elf Rupert is always on here playing games! I have now found out how he wins at conkers every year....but not this year !

When Mrs Claus isn't baking she often scampers about saving Elves who have climbed far too high up trees. 

Some Elves think they are squirrels.. never mind though Mrs C is always on hand with a ladder and a cake to entice them down :)

Now then where is Rupert? I have a brand new conker and cannot wait to challenge him !

Be good...

Santa Claus :)

It's raining's pouring...

Well I never the rain has not stopped here in the Northpole and I'm guessing it might be pouring where you live right now :(

 My poor reindeer are soaked to their skins but Mrs Claus came up with the great idea to let them have some hot chocolate.

 They are toasty warm now but Mrs claus has said they can sleep in my bed tonight! We do look after our reindeer here in the NorthPole (I thought reindeer would be used to rain ha ha :)

 I'm off to make sure all the Elves are inside and warm as I cannot have them catching colds before we get really busy .....achoooo....oh dear hot chocolate for me too Mrs Claus !!

 Be good.......

 Santa Claus

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Monday, 30 September 2013

Testing ....testing...123.....

Well here goes first blog. As it is quiet here in the Northpole I thought I would write my first blog page :)

The elves have told me that children from all over the world can email the post room and I can receive these letters to find out exactly what they want for Christmas, this is a brilliant idea!

The elves have bought me a new iPad for my writing and I must say it is a jolly nice thing to do!

I hope to share my pictures with you and as we get ready for the busy season .... all the news from the Northpole.

Be good...

Santa Claus :)